Rattlesnake Wallman Trail

Starting Location: This is a loop that starts at the Rattlesnake Recreation Area Trailhead. Proceed north out of the parking lot on the Rattlesnake Creek Corridor Trail. After about ½ mile look for a trail on the left, the Spring Gulch Trail. After traveling up the Spring Gulch Trail for about 2.5 miles look for a trail on the right, the Wallman Trail. Cross a small creek and begin climbing up a steep ascent to the top. Catch your breath at the top, then proceed down the other side on a long single track trail that winds its way down the mountain until it eventually intersects with the Rattlesnake Corridor Trail. Proceed south on the Rattlesnake Corridor trail back to the trailhead parking area to complete the loop.

Distance: 8.18 miles

Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1383 feet

Moving Time: about 1 hour

Type of Trail: single track

Climb Difficulty (scale 1 to 6): 3.4 ft/mile x 100

GPS-derived map