Rattlesnake Spring Gulch, Curry, and Dropout Trail

Starting Location: This trail is a loop that starts at the Rattlesnake Recreation Area Trailhead. Head north along Rattlesnake Creek, turn left onto the Spring Gulch trail. When you get to the Curry Trail intersection, take the dirt road to the right. Follow this road up the east side of Spring Creek. Cross the foot bridge, where the trail intersects with the Spring Gulch single track trail. Head back down the Spring Gulch trail then turn right onto Curry Trail. At the next intersection turn left, then turn right onto Curry Ridge trail. After about 1 ¼ miles, turn left onto a short connecter trail that leads up to the Stuart Peak trail. Turn left and follow this trail until you come to the section of the trail that diverts around a large log, then turn onto the first trail to the left. This is the Dropout Trail. Follow this single track all the way into Sawmill Gulch. Take the mandatory single track back to the parking area to end the ride.

Distance: 10.01 miles

Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1713 feet

Moving Time: about 1 hour 20 minutes

Type of Trail: single track

Climb Difficulty (scale 1 to 6): 3.4 ft/mile x 100

GPS-derived map