Miller Creek Solstice Ride

Starting Location: This ride is a loop that starts at the Bicycle Works on Higgins Avenue. To start proceed South on Higgins Avenue to Southwest Higgins, to 39th South Street, then turn left on Garrett Avenue, then right on Briggs street, then left on Miller Creek road. Follow Miller Creek road until it turns to dirt, then turn left onto Plant Creek Road, which traverses Northeast up the mountain to the base of Miller Peak. Once near the base of Miller Peak follow the logging road East for a short distance, then look for a single track trail to the left just over the crest. Follow this single track North up the trail for a short distance, then down and around the Little Park Creek drainage to the west. Proceed on this trail as it heads Northwest until you enter onto another logging road. Miller Peak should now be to the South. Proceed North for a short distance along the logging road, then Northwest around the Bear Run Creek drainage to the west. Follow the logging road as it proceeds North for a short distance, then West onto a double track trail. Follow this trail as it continues to proceed west away from the drainage to the Middle Fork of Deer Creek to the East and around the drainage to the West Fork of Deer Creek until it enters onto a logging road. Head Northeast, then North along the logging road until it enters into the Pattee Canyon Sam Braxton Trail system. Follow the Sam Braxton Trail until it enters onto Pattee Canyon Road. Proceed down Pattee Canyon road, to Higgins Avenue, then to the Bicycle Works and the end of the ride.

Distance: 46.5 miles

Cumulative Elevation Gain: 4,918 feet

Moving Time: About 5:05 hours

Type of Trail: Streets, dirt road, logging roads, and single track

Climb Difficulty (scale 1 to 6): 2.1 ft/mile x 100

Additional information: This ride is an annual event, led by John Weyhrich, who spends many hours each year reclaiming the trails along this route from logging damage in preparation for this ride.

GPS-derived map